Celebrations, big and small, should all have one thing in common - delicious cake!  But that can be difficult when faced with finding tasty gluten free options.  Ami's Cakes and Confections is passionate about flavor and artistry, and making every cake, cupcake, or cookie unique and scrumptious.  But please... give place orders at least 48 hours in advance to make sure we can complete your order! 

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       Rosemary Olive Oil Boule Bread

Ever since my daughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease at an early age, I have been obsessed with finding delicious baked goods that she and our entire family can enjoy.   I started baking all kinds of treats for my daughter and sharing them with my gluten free coworkers.  I always had a passion for being artistic and creative, and have been decorating cakes since I was a pre-teen.   After baking my first gluten free wedding cake, I was hooked!

And let's face it... there are plenty of products out there on the market these days, but how many did you really enjoy?  How many times have you tried the cake mixes in the grocery stores, and then found out that they had an aftertaste or gritty texture?  Since I love to bake and decorate cakes, I came up with my own gluten free cake recipes and designs.  I would love to personalize a cake or cupcakes for your special day - wedding, anniversary, baby shower, birthday - or just because you deserve a special treat!

Hear what some of our customers are saying:

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Let your imagination soar.  We can create your vision together and come up with something special to celebrate your event.  You can choose from an array of cake, frosting and filling flavors.  I don't list flavors because I am always creating and experimenting with new flavors.  Is there something specific you are looking for? Just ask.  Minimum prices are listed for basic buttercream frosted cakes. Fondant cakes and other custom-designed cakes that are more elaborate and detailed will cost more.

Delivery is available.  $10 fee for delivery in Ames.  
A charge of $1 a mile (one way) for all deliveries outside of Ames.

​If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact me at www.amiscakesandconfections.com

"I ordered GF brownies from Ami's.  My husband (the GF guy) was so pleased to have a delicious GF treat at an event that we hosted." ~ Luanne M.  Jewell, Iowa
"The gluten free cupcakes I ordered were gorgeous! Professionally decorated, beautifully packaged, and tasted so good.  What a treat!  Thank you."  ~ Lindsay A.  Des Moines, Iowa 
"I ordered cake pops & pumpkin bars and both were delicious! My gluten-eating family could not tell that they were gluten-free treats. They were beautifully decorated, too. Thanks for offering GF treats with no risk of cross-contamination, Ami!"  
~ Anonymous
"I love your cakes!" ~ Robert from Pennsylvania
"I have enjoyed many of Ami's gluten free treats.  From cupcakes to cookies and more, all of them have been moist and delicious.  You would never expect them to be gluten free!  My mom has celiacs and I share the treats with her.  She raves about them!"   ~ Haley P.   Ames, Iowa
"I just received a surprise holiday gift basket from a friend.  Ami delivered it to my office and described everything that was in the basket.   Everything is so beautiful and delicious!  Even my non-GF coworkers loved the cupcakes - they were so moist and yummy, and everything was decorated very festively. (Yes, I shared my treats, but it was tough!)"  ~ Jess H.  Ames, Iowa
"I came to Ami for a gluten free cake option for my girlfriend.  She was able to fulfill all the ideas I had such as color, flavor, and design.  She was very good at communicating and make sure that the order was just the way you wanted it.  The final result was more than I could have asked for and the cake was so moist and delicious as most gluten free bake goods are not.  I certainly recommend Ami's products." ~ Jason O.  Ames, Iowa
"Let me just tell you I had the BEST experience with this fabulous bakery!  I was recently diagnosed with Celiac and have been dying for some chocolate cupcakes.  I contacted Ami prior to my visit back to Ames, Iowa for my brother's wedding.  I am from Ames originally but now live in Mississippi.  I got 1/2 dozen chocolate cupcakes and was ready to move back to Iowa just so I could have some more!  Ami was fantastic and I will contact her anytime I come back to Iowa!"  ~ Angie J. from Mississippi
Hi!  My name is Chloe, and I am 8 years old. I have Celiac Disease. I’ve tried some of Ami’s desserts, and they are AWESOME! I think they are even better than normal desserts!  Ami’s treats are the best! I can’t wait until my birthday so I can get cupcakes from Ami. YUMMY! :-)